Sergio C.

Submitted 09/23/19

The Doctor and the staff were excellent and the treatment very good.


Submitted 09/23/19

Dr Osias help with my weight loss issues has been a life changer for me. I wish she practiced here all the time so she could be my primary care. The expertise and wisdom she brings to my treatment is so appreciated


Submitted 07/18/19

The staff in the office is very patient, friendly, courteous, and attentive. I look forward getting my Vitality shot for energy. My daughter, who is a new mother, also gets her B shot. She says that B shots helps get through those sleepless night and very busy days with work, and family life style. Besides the Vitality and B shots, I also purchase and consume their vitamins and and other related health products, such as, Prolone, a fasting kit. We will continue with health our treatments with ForeViva Clinique.


Submitted 07/03/19

The doctor and staff were very professional and kind, They were happy to answer any questions i had, i am a return patient and am very happy with my treatment.


Submitted 06/13/19



Submitted 04/25/19

Always excellent service, I am very satisfied with the treatment and the results I get. Very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff. I highly recommend Dr. Osias.


Submitted 04/22/19

I came in for my vitality shot today. I get one every week because I have Hashimoto’s; a thyroid disease. Since my thyroid is slow, I get this shot to get energy and to help with my thyroid function. I also made a purchase of Stronvivo, which helps me with my thyroid & hormonal changes. I continue with Dr Osaias & her staff because they are very caring, friendly and always willing to assist me. I also purchase vitamins & minerals that help me with my thyroid. Since I have been purchasing Magnesium Citrate, from the Doctor, I have been able to deep sleep & rest. Doctor Osais is the best! Her staff is so awesome! I cannot wait to go back in next week for my vitality shot and in June, my intravenous, IVee, cocktail of vitamins & minerals. Thank you Dr. & staff for continuing making my treatment & others, affordable & current. I know Dr Osaias & her staff are continually growing professionally to serve us, with most recent cures & cutting edge treatments.


Submitted 04/18/19

Everyone is so nice and friendly and there is no wait I love this place


Submitted 04/08/19

Veronica was on-time and did a great job drawing blood. I look forward to receiving information regarding the results..

Jennifer J.

Submitted 03/25/19

I’ve been fortunate to know Dr. Osias for years now. She is by far the best OB/GYN I’ve ever been to. I’m no longer living in the US but I still make a point to see her when I’m back. My PCOS is the most under control it’s ever been thanks to her. Cannot say enough good things. A very knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate doctor.


Submitted 02/19/19

Always pleasant staff are all great


Submitted 11/19/18

Muy amables


Submitted 11/19/18

Silvia is so helpful, kind & understanding. Veronica is soooo good giving the B shots/runners winner, you hardly feel it. I look forward to my weekly Ruunners winner shot.


Submitted 11/06/18

On 11/5/18, Monday, I was able to get my runners winner shot, which picked me up with energy. For bed time , 9:30 pm, I was able to go into a deep sleep and yet wake up with energy. Thank you Silvia & Vero for allowing me to get my shot on Monday rather than Tuesday. Also for continually providing the service you all provide. Enjoy those special on Vitamin B shots.


Submitted 10/30/18

Verónica is an excellent nurses aid. She injected me with my Vitamin B shot and she is very careful & gentle. Silvia is a very resourceful person and guides me in my improving my health.


Submitted 10/26/18

Love this place. Very knowledgeable staff. Helpful and friendly. I won’t go anyplace else to get my B12 shots.


Submitted 10/22/18

She is always listening , and I have always been happy about the care she provides


Submitted 10/16/18

Veronica gave me my runners winner and it gives me energy. When she injects it , it does not hurt nor do I feel it because she is so gentle.


Submitted 10/12/18

Dr. Osias and her team are wonderful — warm, knowledgable and incredibly supportive.


Submitted 10/05/18



Submitted 10/01/18

Dr. Osias and her whole team are wonderful! Every time I am there the staff is so kind and always makes sure I have everything I need. Dr. Osias never rushes, but instead really takes the time to talk with you and answer any of your questions.


Submitted 09/25/18

Every week I schedule an appointment for a runners winner shot. I need this shot to give me energy, & heal my thyroid. The nurse assistant are very kind and I do not feel a thing when they give me the shot in the buttocks. Yes, it’s embarrassing but the nurses are very professional & always make me feel comfortable. On a monthly basis I get an IV of vitamins which give me nutrients to my body. Also heals my hypothyroid and menapause. I strongly suggest IV and B-Shots elevate stress and heal body. I also purchase other healthy supplements for my ailments that I feel.


Submitted 09/23/18

If you are having problems loosing weight don’t worry about anymore Dr Osias and her stuff are the best.

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