Weight Loss Services in Menlo Park, CA

Weight Loss Services in Menlo Park, CA

From the Doc:

Losing weight requires more than information about the right diet. It requires a change in your relationship with yourself and your thoughts about your body. It requires love for yourself and gratitude for the body that you may now hate. Your body is a sacred and magnificent gift through which you experience the magic of life, the blissful pleasure of chocolate as it melts gracefully on your tongue, the timeless beauty of a flower as it dances in the summer breeze, the warmth of the sun shining through your window, the tender kisses of your loved ones that make time stand still. You are an unfolding work of perfection. You already are more than you could have ever dreamed of. The intelligence to achieve your perfect weight already exists within your body. The only decision you have to make now, and every moment of your life, is whether or not to let your beauty and magnificence to shine through.

Today is a new day, filled with promise and possibilities. Celebrate your life. Say yes to that little black dress, yes to dancing on a sandy beach, yes to living your best life now. Say yes to a leaner, younger, more passionate, more confident YOU!

FOREVIVA weight loss programs are NOT about diets and eating LESS food. They are about eating MORE food – the kind of food that energizes your body, your dreams and your life of abundance. Eating the right food carries a message to your genes, your hormones and the chemical reactions going on in your body. The foods you eat either give your body a message of health, energy, vitality and passion or pain, fatigue, artery clogging cholesterol, fat and even cancer. You tell your body what to do by the choices you put in your mouth. Our passionate staff helps you create a plan that puts you on a path of discovering your best you – inside and out.

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