Supervised Medical in Menlo Park, CA

Supervised Medical in Menlo Park, CA

At FOREVIVA we are aware of the challenges you may have experienced in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight. We offer personalized medically supervised weight loss plans that help you shed excess pounds and enjoy a better quality of life.

One of our key strategies is driven by current research that reveals how changes in body weight and shape are controlled by gene expression. In order to decode your genes, we offer genetic testing through Pathway Genomics that allows us to accurately identify your body’s needs so you can better understand your metabolism and which kinds of exercise will work best for you. Our goal is to improve and increase your metabolism while helping to maintain your lean muscle.

Additionally, we also offer the latest FDA approved appetite suppressants as a bridge to help control cravings as you adopt the lifelong habits that will empower you to succeed, such as Beltiq and Qsymia. For many, these medications provide a practical and effective complement to behavior modification for long-term and sustainable weight loss.

Our team regularly monitors your progress, health, and compliance. Whether your goal is to lose just a few or several hundred pounds, our comprehensive program and powerful tools will help you achieve your goals.

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