Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment in Menlo Park, CA 

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment in Menlo Park, CA 

One of the latest and most promising approaches in regenerative medicine near you is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, now available from Dr. Joelle Osias and her team at ForeViva Medical Clinique. If you’ve been searching for “PRP near me,” we invite you to stop your search and experience the benefits of platelet-rich plasma as a regenerative approach to a wide range of health, beauty, and aesthetic concerns. Please call us now or make an appointment using our convenient online booking tool to schedule your PRP treatment in our professional Menlo Park medical clinic.

An Overview of PRP Therapy

The platelets in your blood are a part of your natural anatomy that allows your body to increase tissue function. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is produced by spinning a small amount of your blood in a centrifuge so that it separates and produces plasma that is platelet-rich and used for your PRP injection. The PRP procedure is quick and long-lasting. It is also considered all-natural since it uses your blood to accomplish a wide range of benefits in aesthetics and health. For example, PRP can be as effective in treating hair loss as it is in sports injuries. In recent years, some of the more popular treatments include:

  • PRP treatment for face and skin rejuvenation
  • PRP for hair rejuvenation
  • PRP for post-surgical healing
  • PRP for osteoarthritis
  • PRP for under-eye treatment
  • PRP for musculoskeletal injuries
  • PRP for chronic tendon injuries
  • PRP for correction of stretch marks
  • And more

Some of you reading this may have heard the procedure referred to as a vampire facelift. While that naming convention may not be the most flattering, it is somewhat appropriate since the procedure involves using your own blood for therapeutic rejuvenation.

PRP injections from Dr. Osias mimic a natural response from your body to repair and enhance the area of concern being targeted. In other words, PRP naturally stimulates healing and rejuvenation in your body by producing additional collagen that promotes continued improvement to your skin, muscles, tendons, and hair follicles.

An additional benefit of PRP near you from ForeViva Medical Clinique is that it can be safely performed in tandem with other treatments available from Dr. Osias, such as cosmetic injectables, cellulite reduction, and IV therapy, to name a few. This convenience makes PRP injections an excellent add-on procedure for one-stop health and beauty care in Menlo Park.

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