Laser Treatment in Menlo Park, CA

Laser Treatment in Menlo Park, CA

FOREVIVA provides a comprehensive selection of laser treatments ranging from hair removal to skin resurfacing and skin tightening. By leveraging on advanced laser technology, we deliver maximum effectiveness and comfort to our clients.

For many years, laser beauty treatments have been growing in popularity. Laser treatments are painless, efficient, and require little downtime. Laser treatment is the perfect option for the man or woman who wants to achieve the look of their dreams while causing minimal disruption to their everyday life. If you’d like to do away with constant shaving and waxing or want a wrinkle-free skin, laser treatment is worth a try.

Benefits of Laser Treatment

Whether you require it for skin resurfacing, hair removal or skin tightening, laser treatments have numerous advantages, including:

  • Laser treatments offer enhanced precision, compared to traditional beauty treatments. The doctor targets only the affected area while leaving the surrounding areas untouched and undamaged.
  • Laser treatments are faster. Each pulse of a laser can cover a significant portion of the target areas.
  • Laser treatment is effective in the management of numerous skin conditions, including uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, spider veins, and skin laxity, among others.
  • Laser treatments are minimally invasive. You don’t have to worry about blades or bleeding, and you bounce back faster.

During your appointment, our doctor will carefully assess you to determine whether laser treatment is right for you. Make sure to let our doctor know of any ongoing health concerns that you have, as this can make you an unsuitable candidate for specific procedures.

How to Prepare for Laser Treatment

Preparation for laser treatment depends on the particular procedure that you require. In the case of laser hair removal, you might need to trim the hair so that it’s only a few millimeters long. For laser skin tightening, avoid tanning and heavy sun exposure for four weeks leading up to your treatment. You should also avoid procedures that involve deep facial peel procedures such as dermabrasion, chemical peels, etc.

Once you express interest in laser treatment, we will give you detailed instructions regarding how to prepare for the same. Make sure to observe these guidelines as failure to do so can compromise your treatment.

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