IV Therapy in Menlo Park, CA

IV Therapy in Menlo Park, CA

Have you been feeling depleted and out of sorts lately? Weeks and months of running around to attend to daily obligations can take a toll on your body. Thankfully, you can restore your well-being and feel like your old self again by choosing IV therapy in Menlo Park, CA.

IV therapy infuses your body with the goodness of rejuvenating minerals and vitamins, leaving you feeling renewed and restored from the inside out.

Rejuvenate Your Body from the Inside Out

Your body needs various essential nutrients to function optimally. Such nutrients include vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. If you’re deficient in these minerals and vitamins, you may experience lethargy and exhaustion.

Consuming foods or supplements that contain these nutrients is one way of meeting your body’s nutritional needs. Unfortunately, this approach isn’t the most effective as the digestive system doesn’t always guarantee optimal absorption.

IV therapy allows you to meet your body’s needs quickly and efficiently. The nutrients are delivered straight to your bloodstream, where they begin to work instantly.

Who Needs IV Therapy?

Here at FOREVIVA, we recommend IV therapy for anyone who wants to feel better after a bout of exhaustion or sluggishness. You can also benefit from IV infusion if you’re dehydrated or hungover after a night of partying. Patients who struggle with chronic pain are also encouraged to try IV therapy to kick start the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

IV therapy is customized to meet every individual’s needs. We offer different types of infusions or cocktails, depending on your unique health requirements.

What to Expect

We start by speaking to you to understand your needs and determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Our doctor also reviews your medical history. Please let us know if you’re on any medications so we can plan accordingly.

Next, we place your IV line at the crux of your elbow or the top of your hand, and then the infusion process starts. During infusion, vitamins and minerals drip slowly through the IV line and into your bloodstream. This process may take 20 minutes to an hour, depending on your needs. You won’t feel the infusion as it happens, but you’ll undoubtedly feel the effects afterward.

Are lethargy and chronic pain slowing you down? IV therapy in Menlo Park, CA, can restore your body’s nutritional balance and help you defeat dehydration, low energy, lowered immunity, and slow metabolism.

Reach out to FOREVIVA today to experience advanced IV therapy near you.

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