Brilliant Distinctions in Menlo Park, CA

Brilliant Distinctions in Menlo Park, CA

FOREVIVA is a proud member of Brilliant Distinctions®, a loyalty program that helps customers save money with every purchase of Allergan products. We know that aesthetic treatments aren’t exactly cheap—and that’s why we have chosen to participate in Brilliant Distinctions to ensure that our customers get value and more money in their wallets.

Let us know if you’re interested in participating in this loyalty program, and we’ll set you up to earn points every time you shop with us.

What is Brilliant Distinction?

Brilliant Distinctions is a point-based reward system that allows customers to qualify for savings on various aesthetic treatments and products. Every time you spend at FOREVIVA, you earn points that you can redeem in the future. The more points you earn, the more savings you get. Depending on your total accumulated points, you may qualify for free treatments and products.

Here at ForeViva, you earn points for every purchase of:

  • BOTOX®️ Cosmetic
  • JUVÉDERM®️ XC Injectable Gel Filler
  • SkinMedica®️ products
  • VIVITÉ®️ Skin Care

How to Participate

It’s free to join the Brilliant Distinctions program. You can register for the program by filling an online form on their website. You can also download the Brilliant Distinctions app from the app store. Every time you make a purchase from our clinic, log your points on the app. You can redeem these points any time you wish as long as they have met the minimum threshold.

We encourage our clients to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the loyalty program so they can make the most out of it. Some terms include limitations on how many points you qualify for within a particular period. For instance, you can only get points for BOTOX Cosmetic treatments once every 90 days.

The loyalty program also has three tiers of membership, namely silver, gold, and diamond. Your points will be awarded depending on your membership, with the diamond members getting the highest points for every purchase.

Regardless of your membership level, Brilliant Distinctions promises excellent savings and rewards.

Would you like to sign up for Brilliant Distinctions? Let us know during your next appointment.

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