Anti Aging in Menlo Park, CA

Anti Aging in Menlo Park, CA

Dr. Joelle Osias is an anti-aging and aesthetics specialist offering multiple state-of-the-art treatments at her Menlo Park, California practice. At ForeViva Medical Clinique, anti-aging is about fulfilling cosmetic goals, boosting confidence, and improving on the cosmetic and functional concerns and symptoms of aging. Though you can’t halt the aging process, you can enlist the help of a trained medical professional like Dr. Osias for proactive and reactive anti-aging treatments. Learn more, and discover the innovations of anti-aging medicine. Call or book your consultation online.

What is anti-aging medicine?

Anti-aging medicine involves modern technology and tools aimed at:

  • Enhancing wellness
  • Preventing chronic diseases associated with aging
  • Addressing your cosmetic concerns and improving any changes to your physical appearance that occurred because of aging

Dr. Osias utilizes a holistic approach that considers your cosmetic needs and emotional and physical wellness. The goal is to help you look and feel your best inside and out.

Anti-aging medicine by design puts you in better control of your health care. An anti-aging specialist like Dr. Osias can assess your needs and devise a customized treatment plan to improve your health and wellbeing overall.

What chronic diseases can anti-aging medicine help to prevent?

Anti-aging medicine focuses on preventing diseases, such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension

During your first appointment, Dr. Osias evaluates numerous aspects of your health and lifestyle to develop a clear understanding of your overall health. She may recommend genetic testing, request lab-work, medical history, or a test for vitamin levels.

Your anti-aging consultation is also your time to ask questions and discuss your nutrition and activity level.

What anti-aging treatments are available?

For cosmetic anti-aging concerns, Dr. Osias uses science and cutting-edge treatments, such as:

  • Micro plasma technology Pixel®️RF and radiofrequency system In-Motion®️ to smooth skin and stimulate collagen
  • IPL®️, or intense pulsed light and photo rejuvenation
  • Laser skin resurfacing and light-based technologies
  • Accent Ultra V®️ skin-tightening system

Dr. Osias also offers hormone therapy, such as bioidentical hormones, and vitamin B12 and B Complex injections to help you feel better and restore vitamin and hormone deficiencies.

Dr. Osias can also help you learn about the right nutrition and physical activity level to combat the symptoms of aging.

What are the benefits of anti-aging medicine?

Anti-aging medicine offers an array of benefits and replaces outdated care models. Anti-aging utilizes advanced medical and scientific technologies to detect, prevent, treat, and reverse age-related diseases, disorders, complications, and cosmetic concerns.

The focus is on wellness instead of illness, and one skilled specialist can address the aesthetic and functional health problems centered around prolonging your life.

Reduce wrinkles, know your health risks, restore your vitamin and hormone levels, and find your path of anti-aging. Book on the website, or call the office today.

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