Laser Hair Removal a Medical Procedure to Remove Unwanted Hair from the Body

Laser Hair Removal a Medical Procedure to Remove Unwanted Hair from the Body

Oct 01, 2021

Laser hair removal helps remove unwanted hair from the body. A concentrated beam of light helps remove the unwanted hair in the medical procedure of laser hair removal. Familiar treatment areas include armpits, legs, upper lip, chin, and bikini line. However, treating any site to remove unwanted hair except the eyelids or the surrounding skin is possible using lasers. The treatment is unsuitable for skin with tattoos.

If you wonder if laser hair removal is permanent, please understand laser hair removal effectively delays hair growth for extended periods. Therefore, the treatment doesn’t result in permanent hair removal. In reality, you may need multiple hair removal treatments with lasers for effective hair removal initially besides maintenance treatments. Laser hair removal is best for people having light skin and dark hair. However, the treatment is successful for all types of skin.

If you think you have unwanted hair on your body, you can research laser hair removal near you by ensuring you consult with a doctor certified in a specialty like dermatology or cosmetic surgery with experience in laser hair removal on your skin type.

When you schedule your appointment for laser hair removal, expect the doctor to look at your entire medical history, including the use of medications, history of skin disorders, and earlier hair removal procedures. Then, the doctor discusses with you the risks, benefits, and expectations and explains what laser hair removal cannot achieve for you. Expect the doctor to take pictures for laser hair removal before and after assessments besides long-term reviews.

Why Are You Considering Laser Hair Removal?

Leaving aside many treatments available over-the-counter for hair removal from the comfort of your home if you are considering laser hair removal, it is evident that you have a complicated situation needing help from an expert to get rid of unwanted hair on your body.

Before you contact Dr. Joelle Osias for the treatment, it helps if you understand your hair color and skin type influence the success of laser hair removal. Laser hair removal ensures the color of your hair and not your skin absorbs the light, and the laser damages the hair follicle without damaging your skin. Therefore, it indicates the best results are achieved if you have dark hair and light skin. The doctor undoubtedly explains these factors to you during the consultation.

The risks of damaging your skin are high when the contrast between skin and hair color is insignificant. However, advances in laser technology have made laser hair removal an option for people having darker skins. Unfortunately, laser hair removal is unsuitable for hair colors that don’t absorb light well. Thankfully laser treatment options for people with light-colored hair are ongoing and in different stages of development.

What Can You Expect During Laser Hair Removal?

During laser hair removal treatment, the doctor from Foreviva medical clinique presses a handheld device to your skin. The doctor uses a cooling gel to protect your skin and lessen the risk of side effects depending on the type of laser they use.

When the laser is activated by the doctor, the laser beam passes through your skin to get to the hair follicles. The hair follicles are damaged by the intense heat from the laser to inhibit hair growth. You may experience some discomfort like a warm pinprick but will likely experience a sensation of cold from the cooling device or gel.

When treating a small area like the upper lip, the treatment requires merely a few minutes. On the other hand, creating a large site like the back requires about an hour.

Laser hair removal requires two to six treatments with the intervals between therapies depending on the location from where laser hair removal is expected. For example, on areas like the upper lip where hair growth is faster, the frequency of the treatment is repeated every four to eight weeks, but on larger areas like your back where hair growth is slower, the frequency of the treatment is between 12 to 16 weeks.

The repeated treatments can leave you concerned about laser hair removal costs which are not as affordable as over-the-counter hair removal techniques. However, if you want to get rid of the unwanted hair for more extended periods, you can rely on laser hair removal from a reputed clinic if you expect results to last several months or even years.

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